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Форум » Законодательство /Legislation » Законы / laws » Temporary Law № 1 "On Justice" (English Version)
Temporary Law № 1 "On Justice"
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Temporary Law № 1

"On Justice"

Chapter 1 Principles of Justice

General Principles of Justice
Article 1. In Northern Empire establishes the general principles of justice, which operate at all stages of the proceedings and all disputes subordinate courts of Northern Empire
1. Principle of legality
2. The principle of justice only by court
3. The independence of judges
4. The principle of equality of all before the court and the law
5. National language of proceedings
6. The principle of the adversarial
7. The principle of openness of court proceedings:
o Publicity (except secret)
o Ustnost (in the courtroom all blurts)
o Publicity (regardless of the publicity, the decision of the court shall be pronounced publicly)
8. Principles of legality and competence of the court
-Court trusts to consider and resolve civil, criminal and other cases, able to dispense true justice, if it is legitimate, competent, independent and impartial
9. The principle of respect for human rights and freedoms of man and citizen
10. The principle of mandatory injunction
Article 2 Principles of the Criminal Process
1 Principle of the right of the suspect and the accused to defend
- Each accused or suspect since, as against him to initiate a prosecution has the right to counsel.

2 Principle of presumption of innocence
Not who is considered guilty of a felony, until his guilt is established by a court sentence, which came into force

Article 3 Principles of the Civil

1. In case of absence of law or other regulation, the court shall decide on the analogy of the law (applicable similar law), in the absence of a similar law, the Court resolves the dispute based on common law principles and rules of equity (the analogy of law)

Chapter 2 Courts of Northern Empire
Article 4 of the District Court

Circuit Court - a court of first instance for civil, criminal administrative proceedings

Civil proceedings, any interested person has the right to go to court to protect their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in order to determine their rights and responsibilities. In the case provided for by law public authorities may seek the protection of public interest

Criminal procedure - based on the involvement of persons guilty of criminal offenses to legal liability.

Administrative proceedings - was founded:

- In recognition of individual illegal decisions, actions (inaction) of state authorities and officials of the Northern Empire (including tax disputes)
- In recognition of the person concerned invalid legal act of the Northern Empire, which contradicts the Constitution or any other act which has greater legal force.

Article 5. Supreme court

Supreme Court - the highest judicial body of Northern Empire and has the following powers:

-Is the court of second instance and hears appeals not entered into legal force of decisions (sentences) of the District Court for civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.

-Is the court of first instance for constitutional court proceedings, at the request of the Emperor, the Parliament, the Government of the Northern Empire gives an interpretation of the Constitution of the Northern Empire.

- Gives explanations on judicial practice.

The Supreme Court can not be appealed[color=red]

Sic volo, sic jubeo, sit pro ratione voluntas ( лат)-«так я хочу, так я велю, и пусть доводом будет моя воля»
Форум » Законодательство /Legislation » Законы / laws » Temporary Law № 1 "On Justice" (English Version)
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